02 2 / 2012

I am fan of NYC’s restaurant week and take full advantage of it when I can. However it can be disappointing to go to a great restaurant that has stood the test of time and not get delicious and memorable food. Unfortunately that was the case with Nobu, a restaurant I have been wanting to try for so long. I do understand that restaurant week is not always the best way to try the food, but hey! is on them not to put their best dishes forward in the menu. We had the Sashimi salad, the squid pasta, assorted Sushi, beef Teriyaki and finally a caramel puff crust almond dust something something for dessert. What I did love was the Shiro Sangria - to die for. Enjoy!

Where: Nobu What: Restaurant Week Lunch $24.07 p/p

10 1 / 2012

I have to thank my friend Jaume for recommending this divine place. Since we both live in Williamsburg we are always telling each other what we think of the new places that keep popping up every single day. Turns 1 or 8 is not new at all, but for me it has become a new way to eat Japanese cuisine. To be honest I haven’t had regular sushi once. I went to dinner last Friday and I had one of the best tuna tartars in NYC, a great halibut in papillote, lobster and crab croquettes to die for and the duck two ways. Only on Sundays do they offer the “deconstructed” sushi: a big bowl of rice goodness with raw fish on top.  

Where: 1 or 8  What: Dinner $55 p/p