21 1 / 2012

Lately I’ve been in a Paris state of mind, so I decided to go to dinner at cozy french bistro near my house that I had been wanting to try. The menu looked good, and the tasting menu looked even better just $35 for 4 courses. The first course was a mushroom veloute with shredded chicken and parmesan croutons it was hearty and tasty. Then we had a tuna tartar ( lacked seasoning), seared scallops with butternut squash puree and finally a chocolate molten cake - now that was amazing. I have to say it was an OK meal, bread was very good, so for Ok french without hurting your pocket Le Comptoir may be the way to go.

Where: Le Comptoir  What: Dinner / Tasting Menu $35 p/p


10 1 / 2012

I have to thank my friend Jaume for recommending this divine place. Since we both live in Williamsburg we are always telling each other what we think of the new places that keep popping up every single day. Turns 1 or 8 is not new at all, but for me it has become a new way to eat Japanese cuisine. To be honest I haven’t had regular sushi once. I went to dinner last Friday and I had one of the best tuna tartars in NYC, a great halibut in papillote, lobster and crab croquettes to die for and the duck two ways. Only on Sundays do they offer the “deconstructed” sushi: a big bowl of rice goodness with raw fish on top.  

Where: 1 or 8  What: Dinner $55 p/p